SharePoint 2013 Search Results webpart Change Query (QueryBuilder) button not working

Hi everyone,

I got this problem on my sites where 'Change Query' button on the Search Results webpart refreshes the page instead of showing the modal window.

Looking at the console window it seems that it can't read property 'QueryBuilder'.

Turns out after some investigation, it is because I had an html tag with name="Search" and it didn't like it.

I changed the name tag to something else and it starts working again.


SharePoint 2013 Running workflow programmatically StartWorkflow error FAILED hr detected (hr = 0x8102008a)


Just want to share something in regards to starting workflow using the Workflow Manager in code.

I have built a SPD reusable workflow for a content type.
I then add this workflow to my list in my site.

As I want to be able to trigger this workflow anonymously, I have to run the workflow using WorkflowManager instead of the standard auto start from UI (Otherwise the workflow will be created but will not run)

Originally I used the ItemAdded event receiver, then use this piece of code:

StartWorkflow function:

But my workflows only get triggered for some records (intermittently). When I run the debugging, I can see that a weird error is thrown:

An exception of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException' occurred in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll but was not handled in user code

FAILED hr detected (hr = 0x8102008a)
in the log : COMException: 0x8102008a

Looking around for solution I couldn't find the answer.

After some trials and errors, I noticed that my code doesn't throw that error when I call item.Update() before my StartWorkflow function.

However it sometimes throws Save Conflict Your changes conflict with those made concurrently by another user when I tested creating my list items in a quick manner.

I soon realised that it is because ItemAdded receiver is by default running asynchronously.

Since I also use my custom save functionality on my list item, I moved my code to be part of it. After the attachment functionality (described in my previous post), I just call my workflow.

Completed code:

If you still want to use ItemAdded receiver you should be able to make it work as well. Just make it run as a synchronous event rather than asynchronous.

Hope this helps,