CRM Entity Relationship Many to Many (N:N)

There are two ways of getting the related entity details in many to many relationship in CRM 4.0

One way is to use RetrieveMultipleRequest function from the SDK:

For example, if we have a Loan custom entity and we want to return sets of borrowers (contacts):

Second way is to use Fetch function to return the XML of the related entities:

James Downey created a nice little program FetchXMLBuilder to help you build the fetch query.

Just for completion, below is the CRMServiceWrapper constructor that I use:

Hope this helps ^_^


hy Andreas,
i'm trying to insert a record in entity with many to many relationship. how do i do that??

i'm using crmservice.create method.
any ideas??



Hi, you should use AssociateRequest to establish the relationship. Example is in this blog:


Thank you !! :)


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