SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow not updating and cache issues

Hi there,

Just want to share something re. the issues I encountered when using SPD to create SP 2010 workflows and then uploading them to other environment.

I found that after I made some changes to my workflows and then uploaded them to uat environment, my changes were not picked up.

First after reading some SPD cache issue here,
I thought this might have been my issue (not getting the latest assembly when Saving As Template from SPD DEV)

So I cleared the cache files as instructed and tried to upload them again to UAT and activated the solution + feature.

Then I noted these points
1. When you deactivate + remove solution from Solution gallery, it doesn’t remove it from SharePoint. SPD still lists the workflows!
2. Only when you activate the site feature then the SPD will recognize it and Modified Date is updated. I then checked my updated workflow and it still had the old logic!

So I deleted my workflows through SPD (in UAT) and re-uploaded and activated my workflows again. This time they are in the correct latest version J


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