SharePoint 2013 Open with Explorer error We're having a problem opening this location in File Explorer.

Hi all,

Just want to let you know about this annoying issue.

UPDATE: apparently putting Http Deny Verbs OPTIONS and PROPFIND (to avoid anonymous office document prompt) was the cause! 

I have SP2013 on premise. The 'Open with Explorer' was working on my dev environment before (when I populated some content before promoting to other environments). It is working in SYT but fails in UAT with this error. This only happen on one web application , the other web applications in UAT are fine.

When it fails, you cannot also map the drive or open the location in Windows Explorer using UNC path as it will complain that the Network path was not found.

The funny thing is when I tried it on my Dev site again it stopped working with the same error (no idea since when). I have looked at all the troubleshooting steps (WebDav etc.) and couldn't find out the cause. Also did server reboot with no luck.

I restored my site collection backup to the same site and the issue persists.
I then restored my site collection backup to other web application and it works.

Afterwards, I deleted my troubled web application and recreated it, restored my site collection backup and it works again!

So something must have gone weird with the web app itself. Such a waste of time trying to find out what went wrong :(

Hope this helps,

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