SharePoint Infopath 2013 Publish as Content Type duplicate site column mistake!

Hi all,

I have been enjoying my SP journey without InfoPath until two weeks ago when I was asked to help my colleague with Infopath form enhancement.

Looking into how it was deployed to SP online, I noticed quickly it was published as a Content Type. So we did some enhancements, and once it's all done it's time to publish!

What I wasn't aware of is that if the Form Template wasn't obtained from the deployed site, the promoted fields information will be set to 'Create new site column' instead of updating existing content type.

After the form is published, it creates duplicate promoted site columns which are a nightmare to clean up! Not to mention that some site columns are read-only and cannot be deleted through UI.

Luckily, I found that we can use SP JS to do the clean up of all duplicate fields. We just have to be careful to only delete the duplicate ones (marked by '_1' appended to existing field name, or '_12' and '_123' depending on whether '_1' and '_12' exist)

Good lesson learnt: 
In the future, if you want to republish any form template as Content Type, make sure you check each promoted field in the last publish step :

Site column group: {This content type}
Column name: pick the relevant column from the dropdown.


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