Silverlight 4 Simple Project Part 1 (Overview + Database)


This will be my first technical blog. The motivation behind this is that I love learning Silverlight (and it's version 4 now!). So I decided to create my own simple project as I am thinking of building a website for my church community group in the future.


Why not start with a simple module? I want to be able to search for a bible verse in a quick way and no hassle of having to spend much time on it. Therefore I want the users to be able to select the book title, chapter, and verse (or verse range) and have the contents showed in front of them straight away!

Here is a video showing the completed application with some explanation:


Now.. I found out that there are already some English bible web services out there. However since my community is Indonesian, I want to have an Indonesian bible, and it turns out that there is none! and there is no SQL formatted database dump available either :(

However, I could find the text format of the bible. I looked inside and here is what it looks like:

'This must be my day', I said to myself; This is because I could easily do this:

And just use bulk insert to load the txt file (Alkitab = Bible):
FROM 'c:\IndonesianBible.txt'

Nice. Now I have my Indonesian bible database. To improve my database, I am going to create another table that contains my book title and link both tables together:

In the next post I will create a WCF Service with some functions that will query this database and return the contents that will be consumed by our Silverlight application. :)

Silverlight 4 Simple Project Part 2 (WCF Service)

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